Profile of Somalia

Official Name The Federal Republic of Somalia
Country Code 252
Capital Mogadishu
Geographic Location Eastern Africa, bordering the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, East of Ethiopia
Population 13.3 Million (July 2014 est.)
Population Growth Rate 2.815% (2009 est.)
Literacy Total Population 37.8%
Total Area 637,657 sq km
Coast line 3300 sq km, longest Coast in Africa
Major Cities Mogadishu, Hargeysa, Bossaso, Garoowe, Kismayu, Barbara, Baidoa, Marka, Beledweyn
Languages Somali (official), Arabic and English
Independence 1st July 1960



H.E.Ms. Ebyan Mahamed Salah
Welcome to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Somalia Website.We believe that you will find it useful and informative. We trust through this website that you will learn more about Somalia and the current activities of the Embassy.
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